Friday, October 28, 2011

San Antonio Dentistry

Everyone wants to have a healthy whiter teeth. The whiter your teeth are, the more confident you are to smile. Isn’t that everyone like? Well, there are many trusted Cosmetic Dentistry in the area and one of it is the San Antonio Dentistry. They will help you fix your teeth and make it look nice!

They been in the business for more than 25 years and help many people on their dental problems. Either you have the toughest problem in your teeth, they will give you the best results and leave with a full satisfaction. Isn’t that wonderful to have a beautiful smile of your dreams?

So, if you are from San Antonio this is the right website for you to visit at, They are the best cosmetic dentistry that will help you to have a whiter teeth or to straighten your teeth. You might like to try their service. If you have any questions, you can call their number at 210-337-6453 or you can schedule a consultation directly to their website. Don’t let your teeth be forgotten, visit San Antonio Dentistry and get the best smile that you can imagine!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

guys hoodies

I only have two pair of long sleeve hoodies, I usually wear them when its cold outside or when its raining. I throw one of my favorite hoodie since I spell something in it that leaves a stain and when I washed my hoodie together with the other color clothes, the stain was still there so I end up throwing it anyway. We just bought Mike and Dustin their hoodies for this fall since I found a great deal online. How about you? Where did you buy your hoodies? Which one you like the most? The popover or the full-zip hoodies?

Well I know most of you out there owns hoodies. So when it comes to hoodies, I will absolutely recommend the aeropostale. Don’t forget to buy your next guys hoodies at aeropostale! They have great selections on all their hoodies, they are all classic and have great details. They had great sale on all their hoodies this weekend! Its 25% off orders of $100 or more online. So what are you waiting for? Buy your girls or guys hoodies at and choose one of your favorite color! 

Kids at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Dustin got a chance to touch the slimy sting ray! yayks!

Dana really like those big red lobster! :-)

At the play area inside the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Look at my little mermaid here hehe ;-) she looks so adorable in this photo. She didn't even look at the camera because she's looking at Dustin playing at the play area! She can't wait to play!

Monday, October 10, 2011

granite countertops

If ever we will remodel the kitchen, we will absolutely get a granite countertops. I like granite because its very modern and unique. The classic the better too. Classic is very popular nowadays but most people like exotic colors especially to those exotic lovers. When we start looking for houses, the first thing I will check is the living room and kitchen. I like to have a wooden floor in the living room and tiles in the kitchen and of course have a nice granite countertops like the one that our friend has in their kitchen countertops. They remodeled their kitchen last year and it looks really nice that’s why I would like to have granite countertops in our kitchen.

Talking about granite countertops, is the website I will absolutely recommend. They have all kinds of granite countertops from classic, exotic and even marble! All their granite choices is durable and will stand up to most any use. So I am sure you will love it. Guess what? They can also help you create your dream kitchen! All you have to do is call them at this number 404-477-4997 and let them help you with this matter. You can visit their website at and get their sales and special deals and save!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

celtic wedding rings

Few months ago my best friend in first year high school invited me to come in her very memorable wedding day. If I were in the Philippines, I am sure I can make it to her wedding but since I live far away in my hometown, I refused the invitation and just send them best regards and wishes to their beautiful wedding. I saw their photos and I really admired her a lot, she is such a nice friend, very pretty and they both look good together. They have fabulous wedding, she wore a very pretty wedding gown and the wedding ring is made of a silver and gold band.

Talking about wedding rings, I found this amazing celtic wedding rings at, their trinity knot collection are totally awesome, the symbols of the trinity knot are love, honor and respect. This will be perfect on your wedding day. Many couple prefer to have the celtic knot because it is romantic, traditional and unique. All their celtic wedding rings are beautifully decorated and each piece is handcrafted. So if you are looking for wedding rings, try the celtic knot collection from and find the perfect wedding ring for you and your wife.

The kids inside the egg

This photo taken last month of September in our 2 days stay at Monterey Bay, California. We went to Monterey Bay Aquarium and saw a lot of beautiful sea creature. At this photo, I think this is a penguin egg, this is not real though hehe :-) Anyhow, the kids are really happy to see the penguin and other sea creatures and I think the trip in Monterey Bay is really worth it. Hope we can go back there again for another vacation and see another places in California.

Moving into my dream home

I appreciate the guest post, Marian Combs

I just moved into a new house. It is the best place I have ever lived. The bedrooms are huge and have the softest carpet. The entire house has high ceilings making the rooms seem even bigger. The kitchen has two ovens. I have always loved cooking and always wanted multiple ovens. The countertops are made with beautiful granite and the bathrooms have fabulous tile in them. The previous owner already had direct star TV installed, so that is one less thing I have to do. The landscaping was also taken care of by the previous owner. He was in the landscaping business, so the yard is fabulous! I have been so lucky to find this place and so lucky it was in my price range. After my last house, I was ready to move into anything. It was the worst place I have lived and could not wait to move. I looked around for a while because I didn’t want to make a quick decision and end up in the same situation. I am so glad I took the extra time to find my dream house.