Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dustin and our Dogs moments

Dogs are everyone’s best friend. I never grew up with dogs. My husband love dogs a lot. This is not the first time he had dogs. We just got Thunder and Princess last 3 years ago, we are planning to breed them but right now, Princess can’t make puppies anymore because she got spayed. She lost her puppies few months ago and that’s a big loss to us but anyhow, look at this photos. Dustin really loves them a lot. He loves to be around with our dogs and this photo is a great memory of them together.

My doggie pillow...

Dustin love’s to lie down on Thunder. Well, they are giants but they are one of a gentle kind of dogs. They love to be around people and they don’t care if Dustin’s lay down to them as long Dustin won’t jump at their belly and hurt them because if he do, they will let you know if they are not okay, they growl.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommy and Baby moments

A new photos of me and my kiddos! Aren't they adorable? They are so precious to me that's why I am so alive and happy when I am with them. They are the one who could make me smile and they took my tiredness away. I'm so proud to be their mommy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come walk to mommy!

Every time I say “Dana, come walk to mommy”. She let go right away and walk towards me. She walk’s happily. It’s so amazing how early she walked. She is 10 months old and she really can walk! Sometimes she forgot to hold on me and just let go and walk by herself. Babies are always falling at their first stage of walking. It’s hard for me to see her crying when she falls, but that’s how it is. They will learn every time they fall. Of course I am always watching her back, trying to catch her when she fell.

Here's comes the tooth!

Can you see her tooth? There are two teeth coming out in the bottom. It’s so cute when she smiled. She really shows her teeth and gums. What a pretty smile! Sometimes it’s hard to tell if she is smiling or crying. Well, the first photo. She looks irritated and frustrated. Why? She wants to get out in her high chair. She’s tired in sitting there for an hour. I was cooking that time so I need to luck her up for a while, I will get her when I’m done since no one will watch her and we’re waiting for her daddy to come home! The second photo, she looks very happy. She’s playing with me in the couch. What a cutie smile!

Dana's Bath time!

It’s Dana’s bath time! You see how happy she is? She can’t wait to be in her ducky tub. She loves to take a bath. She loves water a lot. I never hear her crying since her first bath when she was a baby. She is just like me! I love water too and I love playing in the water! I guess she got it from me hehe :-)

Dana in a sink...

Maybe you are wondering why little Dana is in the sink. Actually I put her there because she loves to sit in the sink. She loves to play the faucet. She wants me to turn the water on so that she can play but I didn’t turn it on because I don’t want her to get wet. It’s not bath time yet but in a minute I will surely gave her a bath.