Thursday, June 25, 2009

District Convention Photos

More than 5,000 people attend the district convention last June 19 to 21 at Budweiser Events Center, Loveland. Im glad we made it this time.

This is the baptism pool. There are more than 30 people get baptized and hopefully i will be one of them too someday!

After the convention, i had a chance to take a picture of us together with our fellow brother and sister Kathy and Bob. They are such a nice couple. They are like an inspiritual parents to us and a grand parents to our kids.

Fort Collins Downtown photos

This photos taken last Sunday afternoon, June 21, 2009 at Fort Collins Downtown. After the district convention held at Budweiser Event Center. The main street of downtown is pretty cool. Dustin and I love the water fountain! :-)

Dustin and Sophia

This photo taken outside at Budweiser Events Center, Loveland last weekend. They almost the same age. Dustin like a big brother to Sophia. :-) Cute photo of them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty Dana on her new dress

I already post this photo in one of my blog but i want to post 2 picture of her wearing the dress i made for her last night. She is so pretty with this dress. She's really chunky at this photo but she is so happy when i put the dress on her. She never stop smiling :-)

Family Moments

Here are the latest photos of us as a family. This photo taken in our living room 2 days ago. Im glad i had a chance to take photos of us together. I know my husband dont like taking picture but im glad he did :-) We are happy family! :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cleaning time!

I took this photo yesterday. He insist to help me cleaning the house. So here is he! i let him do the swipper in our kitchen. He seems so happy about his first job hehe :-) He did good too! He is such a good helper!

Dana smiley moments

They said, its too early for a 3 months old baby to laugh and smiled. Dana my 3 months old baby girl loves to stare everything and she smiled in the moment you look at her and play with her. Just like at this photo when i put her on a walker. She loves her walker and she seems so happy! Isn't she adorable? hehe :-)