Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chicago Limo Services

Chicago is a big city, It’s easy to get lost. Why not find someone to drive you around that knows the City? Well, most people like to ride a limo. Don’t you? Have you tried to ride a limo? Limo is such a nice transportation to drive around. It might be expensive, I am not sure how much they charge but I guess you can find it out if you try the Chicago Limo Services at You can place a reservation online directly to their website or you can request an information if you like.

Riding a limo make you feel at ease. You can relax, had a sip of wine or watch your favorite show. Limo got a bigger space than any other vehicle. You can take your friends with you or your love ones. When you plan to go to a party, you can try their service. I am sure you and your friends will have a good time.

So when it comes to limo services, pontarelli is the one I will absolutely recommend. They are the number one Limousine Service in Chicago. Why not give them a call right now at (800)322-5466 or place a reservation online by visiting their website at

happy kidos!

I feel blessed to have such an adorable kids. They makes me happy. Just by watching them laughing, giggling and playing each other, its a good feeling and I am sure many parents feel the same way. Here are the latest photos of Dustin and Dana. Love them both!