Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am not good into scrapbooking but its fun to make it, especially when you make scrapbook with your kids. I dont have any memory photos with myself when i was a baby, my mom didn't bring our photos when we move to Davao. I think she left it in Bohol. Anyway, when my kids grow up? i want them to remember those happy memories and i think scrapbooking is the best way to have. I made 2 scrapbook for Dustin last night and like what i say, i am not good with this, i make it simple and memorable :-) Happy Blogging!

Saving time!

Last saturday, we're looking for a different bank to open an account and good thing because we found the one that we like. My husband is not happy anymore to our resent bank so we decided to open an account to a different bank. The bank is near to our house so its easy for us, we can also pay our bills online. While we're applying to their bank, they gave us a gift, its a coffee cup and for Dustin, he got a piggy bank, birdie toys, crayons and a fake dollar hehe :-) Dustin like the piggy bank a lot and he started to put all the coins we have, so i think its time for us to save our coins! ;-) Here is the picture of Dustin holding his first piggy bank! :-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dustin First Drawing

Dustin will be 3 years old next month on January 2, 2009. We're very surprised because now he talk a lot and he already know how to draw. This is his first drawing ever, mostly i am the one who draw for him, but this time when i gave him a pen or a pencil, he starting to draw a circle then he put tail on it just like a balloon, then he started to think what he will going to add on the circle and he will say "hmmm think think think... i know! where is the eyes?" then he will draw a circle and put a dot on each side that will look like an eye and everytime he add the nose, he laugh a lot because i make a funny sound like "toink..., is that your nose?" hehe :) and he say "Yes mommy!". Its fun to watch him, it makes me happy that he already know how to draw at his early age. At his drawing, he draw 5 people and that was me, his daddy, him, his little sister baby Dana and his Lola (grandma). :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preggy Mommy...

Here is my latest photo. Im 7 months pregnant, 2 months more and we will going to see our little girl "Dana Fe Sultes"!

Layout Draft

A simple layout made by myself! I just finished it today, im glad i did it... not perfect but i like the color! Here is the draft and the EC logo! Have a nice day everyone!

Sample Layout...

Wow, i cant believe how hard to make your own layout... This layout i make is just too simple, i dont have adobe photoshop, i try to make my own layout at the Microsoft Picture It Premium 10. It takes me long time to finished this layout, im trying to figure it out the weight and height and also the html code. I try copying the html code at my other blog and change it but it doesn't work. It said they cant save the template, it needs to be unique. Well... i want to change it again with another header, body and footer but it didn't work again. I will just stick with this layout for a while and when i figure it out then maybe i will change it to another layout. hehe :-) just keep on trying! just like what the saying said "try and try until you succeed" hehe :-) Happy Blogging and welcome to my new blog!