Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids at Hooper

Love the Hooper Hot Spring. The kids play and swim for 3 hours and they really had a blast! We came around 4:30pm and came home about 8:30pm. Thanks to Miera's Family for coming with us, we would love to do it again next time.


This photo taken after our hiking. They are worn out for the 3 miles hike. That was a little bit much for the little kids. But Dana was been riding on his daddy's Bagpack Carrier. They are having fun thought and we had lunch at Pagosa Spring! ;-)

Big Meadows Hike

Hiking at Big Meadows Canyon. It was such a nice view! This photo taken last July 2012.

Kids catching fish!

This photo taken last two weeks ago when we went to Fishing at the Echo Canyon Reservoir, Pagosa Spring. Kids are so happy to the fish that they caught. Dustin caught a bass and Dana caught a Bluegill! Too bad we didn't take the fish home for dinner, instead we let them go and take them back to the water. But its okay, we will surely fishing next time and we will surely take the fish home for dinner that time :-)