Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dustin and Dana moment 5

At this photo, they are look like a king and queen hehe :-) I made a crown using the cereal card board and Dustin always call Dana a Princess. Well... she is a princess and Dustin is the prince in the family.

Dana wants the teddy bear and Dustin try to take it away from her.

Dana at the slide

This is her first time to go in the park. Seems like she really enjoy it. She looks so happy and you can see in her eyes that she wants to try and go in a slide. But too bad because she is not big enough to slide yet hehe :-) Its okay daddy is holding you dana, you will be okay ":-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Adorable Kiddos

This is the photo i sent to the American Baby Contest. I think this photo is perfect for the contest. I just hope that they will choose Dana as the winner for this month of July. She is so photogenic at this photo. I like this photo a lot, her smile is perfect! hehe :-) Love you baby!

These are my two adorable kiddos. Dustin is 3 years old and Dana is 5 months old. They are my happiness. They complete me and i am so happy to be their mommy! Thanks to Jehovah God for giving me this wonderful blessings!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little Princess

Why is it that having a baby girl is more exciting than a baby boy? Well, for a baby girl you can do a lot. You can dress them up like a little doll, put jewelry, clips in their hair if they have a hair hehe :-) We can't do that to a baby boy. Its really different. For me, it excites me for having a baby girl. Its like having a little princess in our family. I like to dress her up and make her look pretty. This photo is my favorite, she looks so pretty at her dress. She is like a princess! Isn't she? hehe :-)

Dustin and Dana moment 4

It makes me happy to see my kiddo's happy. Just like what you see at this photos. They are really cute. They are both smiling. Dustin is such a good brother because he know how to care for his little sister. He loves to hold Dana and play with her. Dana loves her brother too because she keep staring at him and she laughs a lot every time she seen Dustin jumping and playing around. :-) What a good tandem!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funny Faces

Dustin dont know how to make funny faces yet. He is trying to imitate some of the kids. But he failed hehe :-) Janelle did really good in making funny faces. She looks so funny in here and Dustin not look serious in making funny faces at all. His busy watching other kids playing :-)