Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Silly...

Look at this photo. Dana is getting so silly! She's making funny faces and she's sticking her tongue out. She make different kind of noises. She is so funny, yet very cutie in her own way.

My Model...

This are the 3 dresses I made for my baby girl. These are my projects for this week. I am practicing sewing baby dress and Dana is my model!

In the Box

Dana love's to sit in the box. It feels like riding in a boat hehe :-) Well, they have a lot of fun together. I'm so glad that they get along well and Dustin is very nice to her little sister. This photo taken yesterday, February 24, 2010.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grown up boy!

Look at my grown up boy Dustin. His growing so fast! He is 4 years old. I can't believe how fast he grow! He looks handsome in this photo. One of my favorite shot!

In the bathtub...

This is the first time that I let them take a bubble bath together. They get along very well and Dustin is very gentle to her little sister. Dana love's the bubble bath, she even don't want to get out in the water! They are so cutie together~!

Dana's new photos...

This are my favorite photos of Dana. She is so cutie! She loves picture taking like her mommy! Isn't she adorable? She is just a bubbly, silly, happy little girl. She will turn 1 this coming February 26! She's growing so fast!

Dana and Dustin Moments

Isn't that wonderful if you see your kids get along well? Like Dustin and Dana, they get along very well. Dustin loves her little sister a lot. Dana loves to play with his big brother. She want's to keep up on him. I am proud to be the mother of this two wonderful kids. Love you both!