Monday, June 25, 2012

Dustin and Dana at the convention

Watching my kids being happy at the convention, makes me happy also. I am so glad that we have a lot of friends in the congregation and we are surrounded with such a lovable peaceful brothers and sisters in Jehovah's organization. I wish that my kids will grow up to be a good loving person that they will walk the right path with Jehovah God.

at the pond

Dana love to watch the pond outside the convention center at Pueblo State Fairground. They did pretty good job on that pond, wish we can have a small pond in the backyard, I am sure the kids would love it.

Dustin new buddy!

Elijah is one of Dustin's new buddy in our Kingdom Hall. They are very close and Dustin always wanted to sit next to Elijah. They are good buddies! Love that smile on Dustin's face and that lovely curly hair! :-)

Fun time at the Zoo!

This photo taken last Thursday, June 14th. Pueblo Zoo is not a big zoo but they have enough animals that all the kids love to see. The important is they really enjoy it and I am sure they will treasure this moment when they went to the zoo with their friends. Thanks to Miera's Family for going with us at the Zoo, my kids really love your kids and hope their friendship will become stronger and they will treasure it when they grow up.

the kids at Burger King play area

Thursday, June 14th - we had our breakfast at Burger King together with the Miera's Family. The kids had a chance to play together. After breakfast we will follow them to Pueblo Zoo and the rest of the week, we will see them again at the convention.