Monday, April 26, 2010

The ride moment...

Riding is fun... I bet Dana have lot of fun riding in my shoulder. She loves to ride on Dustin's back too. This is our ride moment for this month ;-)

me and my kids

This is me and my kiddos! Aren't they adorable? Dustin was heavy because he is a big boy now but still he wants to ride in my back. My husband took this photo, after this shot, my back starting to get hurt hehe :-) but that was okay, I have lot of fun with my kids. We love them so much!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dana and her dolly moment

Isn't that adorable? This is Dana's first doll, a present from her Grandma in Michigan. We named her "Little Dolly". She loves her new dolly and she carry it whenever she go. A new photos of them together.

Dana wearing Dustin's jacket

Dana is wearing his Kuya's (Brother) jacket. It was raining outside and when I say "want to go with me pick up the mail? Then here it goes, Dana grab any jacket she sees. She grab Dustin's jacket and she can't wait to go outside. Look at the second photo, her eyebrows meets. hehe :-) She looks cutie in the last photo, she look so silly. This photo taken last week, April 2010.