Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Baskets for Working Moms

Working moms are all over the world. It is only once a year occasion for you to express your gratitude and love to your mom; therefore, she deserves to feel special and to receive the best mother's day gift baskets.

There may be times that you resented your mom for being such a busy woman; however, it is something you must accept and understand that she gets busy with work to make a living to support you, and your entire family. So, on mother's day, make her feel appreciated by giving her mother's day presents.

Hand-Made Mother's Day Greeting Card
You can buy a greeting card but a hand-made and customized mother's day greeting card personally made by you, would a good present to give her. If you have an old card board, you can cut them and make it a greeting card. You can design or customize your card with colors, art, or cut-outs. Then you can write your message to your mom by hand. You can express to her how much you mean to her, and how grateful you are to have her. You can also enclose your greeting card in one of the good Mother's Day gift baskets that you can buy in stores. You can also make one too.

Gift Certificate for Beauty Make-Over
Give your busy working mom a stress-reliever treat by buying a gift certificate for her to consume. One best gift certificate is a beauty make-over in your area's local beauty shop. Another option is a gift certificate for a spa treatment. A body massage, foot massage, and other spa treatments, definitely your mom will feel pampered, de-stressed and relieved. It would be a great present you can give her.

Gift Basket Filled with Spa Items
A mother's day gift basket filled with beauty and spa items would be an ideal gift for a working mom. You can either make the gift basket at home, or you can buy spa gift basket from local gift shops. If you are going to make a gift basket for your mom, you can make use of an old basket you have in the kitchen. It is one good way to some money. You can recycle it and design it with art or colors, depending on your theme. Then, once you have the basket prepared, you can buy spa and beauty items such as bath oils, body lotions, massage oils, bath soap, and etc.

Mommy and my sweet kiddos!

I feel very blessed to have two wonderful kids. Love them both!

dustin car model

Look how happy Dustin is! He can't wait to see his car model to get done that's why daddy is helping him to build it and put it all together. It takes about couple hours because they need to be painted all the parts first then glue it all together. I help Dustin paint the rest of the parts and he was so happy about it. I'll post it later when they get done building his new car model.