Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The mask guy...

I cut all my jeans 2 days ago because it was very long. Since Mike bought me a Sewing Machine, its time for me to cut and make it shorter. Well, while im cutting those jeans, Dustin was playing the rest of the jeans i cutted. He put it on to his head and he says his a pirate. So i decided to cut the fabric and make it look like a mask and let him put it on. Guess what? he likes it a lot and he look like a hero now hehe :-)

Father and Son

My husband dont like taking pictures but my 2 year old son does. Well, yesterday while Mike is playing his favorite game "Sins of a Solar Impire", i had a chance to take a picture of them both because Dustin was sitting on his lap. This is the right time to capture the moment when they are close each other as a father and son. Look at them, they look the same! hehe :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a cool outfit!

We just bought Dustin a casual clothes at JCPenny last weekend so that he can use for our meeting and i choose the color blue and yellow. He's growing so fast and some of his meeting clothes are not fit anymore. Its way too small for him, thats why we need to get him a new one in size 4. He wear the blue one last night for our meeting and he looks good in it. Isn't his adorable? Love your smile my babylou! Love you!

Red Pinwheel Quilt

I made a pinwheel quilt for my baby girl Dana and this time, i am making a new pinwheel quilt for Dustin. I didn't finish it yet but hopefully this weekend i will finished the whole quilt. Dustin seems like it a lot and he cant wait to use it as his "Picnic Blanket". Here are the photos!

Hello to my new blue layout!

Goodbye to my gold layout and hello to a blue fresh layout! This is my 3rd time to change layout at this blog. Im just learning how to make my own layout and its hard to choose the right color for this layout. Since i like blue, i decided to create a blue layout with this blog and im happy with the results. I hope that you all like it too! Here is the layout draft and my Kids Memories EC Logo. If you want to have a simple blog make over just let me know! Thanks!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Quilt Gift

What a nice surprise that Kathy gave me this wonderful baby quilt made by herself. I thought she will going to gave it to meleah but instead she gave it to me. I know Dustin like the quilt and now his using it as a blanket. In the morning when he play his toys, he likes to put the quilt on the floor and he always say "mama come here, go picnic, get snack please". Actually i am making another pinwheel quilt for him so that he can use it as a picnic blanket hehe :-) Here is the picture of the baby quilt that my friend gave to me as a gift.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Layout change

This is the new layout i made for this blog, my hubby like the color gold and pink than the blue, purple and black layout that i made before. I think this is better than the last one. Anyway im happy with this and i think i will going to stick with this layout :-) Hope you all like it!