Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Quilt Gift

What a nice surprise that Kathy gave me this wonderful baby quilt made by herself. I thought she will going to gave it to meleah but instead she gave it to me. I know Dustin like the quilt and now his using it as a blanket. In the morning when he play his toys, he likes to put the quilt on the floor and he always say "mama come here, go picnic, get snack please". Actually i am making another pinwheel quilt for him so that he can use it as a picnic blanket hehe :-) Here is the picture of the baby quilt that my friend gave to me as a gift.

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  1. You know what would be fun is if you could arrange those squares to depict an enlarged version of a retro 8-bit game image (like mario from the original nintend). Since graphics werent so hot back in the day, the same images if enlarged show up as mosaics. Heres a few examples: