Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is one of my favorite photos of Dustin which the background is a Headline Newspaper. He is the one who choose the frame using ASUS Life frame. With Asus Life frame, we can add frames and other features just like you see below “Our Cool Photos”.

At the table...

Dana love to go under the table. She never realized that if she stood straight, she will hit her head in the table. Every time she goes under the table, there is no way that she won’t get hurt and hit her head. She’s growing! Even though how many times I took her away from the table, but she keeps coming back. She never learns! Well, as long she’s happy and I am around then its okay. Look at this photo; she seems very happy and pretty with her sweetest smile!

Photo Effects in Dana's Photo

I use Photo Impact X3 to enhance Dana's photo. I extract the object and changed the background and create a photo effects in her picture. I managed to changed the background and make it look nice. At first, I’m having hard time extracting the object and I am still in a learning stage to create and edit the photos. Since I am not using the Picture It Premium 10, I need to familiarize all the features of Photo Impact X3. If I have enough budgets in my PayPal, maybe I will purchase Picture It Premium 10. This is the software I am used to but I still like the Photo Impact because there are lot of features that is really useful especially when you create layouts and designs. Here is the photo I made using the Photo Impact X3. Hope you like it! Feel free to leave comments!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In our driveway...

Mike is shoveling our driveway while Dustin is having fun playing in the snow. I couldn’t stay long outside because it’s freezing cold. I just took a picture of Dustin and went inside the house. Here is the photo, as you can see we got 6-7 inches of snow in our driveway :-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Cool Photos

Cool photos of me and my kids. I took this photo through my Asus webcam. With Lifeframe, I can add images like the one you see in the photos. The hat, eyeglasses and the japanese band. There are a lot of things you can do through lifeframe and I'm glad I am able to use it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Me and my kids moments

Being with my kids is wonderful! They makes me happy and they make my life complete. So lucky to have them and of course so lucky to have their daddy in my life. This is a precious moment where I could spend my time with my little kiddos.

Mommy and Dana moments

Love this photo a lot. Dana is holding me so tight while im trying to get a picture of us at this position. Dana's skin color is white and I'm brown. Just like coffee and milk hehe ;-) Love my little sweetie pie, she's adorable and I'm happy to have a baby girl!

Walking in her stroller

Look who’s walking? She is so happy to push her baby stroller. She made it without mommy and daddy help. Isn’t that wonderful to learn new things Dana? You are such a sweetie pie. Few months more and you will be walking already. Can’t wait to see you walking!

Dana crying...

Seems like she's not happy to be in the bucket. She wants to get out and she call me “mama”. Well, I thought you want to be in there! Kuya Dustin likes it. Poor little girl, its okay mama will get you in a minute after I took a photo of you.

Dana Pie!

Hmmm isn't that look yummy Dana? She can't wait to have a little bite of my strawberry pie. She really staring the pie and she makes a funny noise too. :-)


Here is a new photo of my 3 years old son Dustin. He looks so gwapito at this photo. He really have a great smile!