Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dana and Daddy moment

Aren't they cute together? Like father like daughter. This is a moment where Dana wants to sit on his daddy's lap. It was nice watching them having fun together and I'm glad I took a picture with them together. Love you both!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dana after bath...

This photo taken after her bath time. I was supposed to changed her but she keep running and want to climb in the plastic basket. She even don't want to give that letter U to me. It was fun watching her, she is so silly. I took a nice photos of her and showed to my husband and he says its cute! :-)

My kids dollies...

These are all the dollies that my kids love to play. Dustin is not supposed to play dolls because this is only for a girl but when Dana plays it, he also play it with Dana. They get along very well and Dustin is a very good brother to her little sister. They have more teddy bears and other toys in their bedroom but they choose to play this toys hehe :-) Aren't they cutie? I am very fortunate to have wonderful kids!

Dana red dress

I got this pretty red dress at Encore for only $4.99. Isn't that cheap? I like it because it looks really pretty on Dana. This are the photo of her wearing her new red dress. :-)