Monday, March 30, 2009

Bubble Bath Time!

Cute photos of Dustin while he's taking a bath! Bubble bath time is really fun for a kid and for Dustin? he loves it! We let him play at the tub for a couple minutes and you know what? everytime his done, the floor in our bathroom is soaking wet! because he splash the water all over! hehe :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daddy and Baby Moment

How sweet this picture is! Daddy really love to hold our baby girl, i am sure she will be a daddy's little girl. Everytime Dana cries, she is looking for her daddy shoulder.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Layout!

This is my new layout! How is it? I just make a little changes of my layout. Just added our latest photos in the header and change the color in the border. :-) So here is the screenshot of my new layie!

Scrapbooking - Dana Memories

Scrapbooking for my little girl "Dana Fe"! I made this one yesterday, just an information when she was born. Isn't that cutie? she is such an adorable little girl. Seems like she gain weight, she is already 3 weeks old :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Sleepy little girl...

My Sleeping Beauty

Opps! Thunder sniffing my little girl :-)

Princess did too!

Dustin try to wake her up but she still sleeping! hehe :-)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleepy Head...

Dana is 1 week old now, all she has to do is sleep and eat, crying if she's dirty and wet. I am breastfeeding her and my milk just came out 3 days ago. We let her sleep in our bed, i want her to be near me because i am having hard time getting up and walk especially at night. My incision still sore and when i woke up in the morning, i just stare to my little one and see how peaceful she is when she's sleeping. She loves to sleep on her side than to sleep with her back.

Happy Dustin in a shower!

Dustin loves to be in the shower. We fill-up the tub and put bubble soap to it and we let him play about 10-15 minutes. He even dont want to get out on the shower, everytime you ask him if he is done? he will say "mommy, not yet!". Anyway, since he has having fun in the shower, i took a picture of him and he give me this wonderful big smile saying "Say Cheese!"....

My Cute Yellow Dress

Pink is very common to a baby girl to wear. I have few pink dresses for my little girl but i rather choose the yellow dress for her when we went to a doctor for her first check-up last Tuesday. She so cutie! im glad my pregnancy was over! :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When you are asleep...

Baby's is a miracle. Baby's can changed your life. When Dana sleeping? i always stare at her and thinking how wonderful to have her in our life. Im thankful that i have a healthy baby girl and i cant wait to see her growing up. She is like a little angel, she is peacefully sleeping. Making a cute smiley face, it seems like they are dreaming. How wonderful to have you my little one!

Dustin and Dana Photos

Dustin can't wait to hold his little sister. Yesterday, i let him hold the baby and took a photo with them together. Isn't that cutie? I am sure Dustin will be a good big brother to his little sister "Dana".

Labor Photos

Here are some of the photos we took on my delivery last Thursday, February 26, 2009. Dana Fe weight 6 lbs and 9.5 oz. She came out at 7:57 am. She's a healthy baby girl and im glad im done!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Scrapbook - Our Little Angel "Dana"

Memories of our little angel "Dana Fe". I got this Springtime Stuff at free digital scrapbooking. I think i will going to make a layout also using this freebies. So will see :-)