Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sample Layout...

Wow, i cant believe how hard to make your own layout... This layout i make is just too simple, i dont have adobe photoshop, i try to make my own layout at the Microsoft Picture It Premium 10. It takes me long time to finished this layout, im trying to figure it out the weight and height and also the html code. I try copying the html code at my other blog and change it but it doesn't work. It said they cant save the template, it needs to be unique. Well... i want to change it again with another header, body and footer but it didn't work again. I will just stick with this layout for a while and when i figure it out then maybe i will change it to another layout. hehe :-) just keep on trying! just like what the saying said "try and try until you succeed" hehe :-) Happy Blogging and welcome to my new blog!

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