Monday, December 22, 2008

Dustin First Drawing

Dustin will be 3 years old next month on January 2, 2009. We're very surprised because now he talk a lot and he already know how to draw. This is his first drawing ever, mostly i am the one who draw for him, but this time when i gave him a pen or a pencil, he starting to draw a circle then he put tail on it just like a balloon, then he started to think what he will going to add on the circle and he will say "hmmm think think think... i know! where is the eyes?" then he will draw a circle and put a dot on each side that will look like an eye and everytime he add the nose, he laugh a lot because i make a funny sound like "toink..., is that your nose?" hehe :) and he say "Yes mommy!". Its fun to watch him, it makes me happy that he already know how to draw at his early age. At his drawing, he draw 5 people and that was me, his daddy, him, his little sister baby Dana and his Lola (grandma). :-)

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