Monday, April 25, 2011

watching our favorite tv programs!

I am a stay at home mom and watching TV with the kids is so much fun. I usually watch kids programs with them in our Satellite TV and even though I couldn’t watch my favorite cooking show in the morning then I can watch it with my husband at night. Since we have 3 TVs, I can turn the TV on in the living room so that the kids can watch their learning kids program and while I’m doing my thing in my computer here in the kitchen, I can still watch cooking show or any movies available.

Weekend is nice to sit down together as a family and watch sports games and movies in Direct TV. My husband love football game so usually we are just order pizza, buy chips and soda for dinner. Kids love Pizza and Dustin love to watch football game too. Mike will teach Dustin to play football when he grow up and that would be exciting to see father and son playing football together.

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