Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vacation Close to Home

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Our family is always looking for places to go and things to do over the summer. The local station that we get on the Cable Television has a show that takes trips all over the state to diners, restaurants, clubs, food vendors, outdoor flea markets and other interesting places. The show will show a specific city and do a segment on the various types of entertainment in the area. Everything from where to sleep in an old historical building to art galleries and museums are highlights of the show.

With the price of gas and the cost of vacations, we decided to stick closer to home and do things around the area that we were not aware of before. We take notes and talk about where to go and when, so we can see different things at different times of the year. Spring is the time when we look for huge flower exhibits coming into bloom. Summer is the theme parks and fall usually is a trip of sightseeing the changing leaves and fall festivals.

It is great to have a show that is local to find hidden treasures to see close to home. So many things were available to do that we never knew of prior to seeing the show. Now that we know they are there, we have things to do all year.

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