Friday, April 29, 2011

carpet problem...

It’s been two months since we clean the carpet in our 3 bedroom but now it seems like we need to clean the carpet again. It’s not my job to do carpet cleaning because I am not good at it. I only rely to my husband to do the work. I know it’s a lot of work to do carpet cleaning and we might end up hiring someone to clean it up or else we need to replace those carpet to make it look new!

Thunder our male mastiff have an elbow problem, he has dry elbow and it cause to bleed. We try to put the elbow padding to stop the bleeding and when they are inside the house laying in those carpet, it left stains in the carpet. We might need a professional carpet cleaning company austin to get rid of those stains and also to try the pet odor removal products. Having pets is a lot of work but they are part of the family and we love our dogs.

Buying new carpet seems expensive nowadays and we don’t have enough budget to do that. We are still saving for our vacation this summer on August then on September my 5 year old son will be on school and we still need to finish the room in the patio. If we have enough budget to do this all then why not right? But first we need to do something in the carpet before summer.

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