Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ticket for popular events

Ticket is mostly used in any kinds of events, without a ticket, you are unable to enter the stadium or a theater. Even when you watch your favorite sports game live, you need to buy ticket for you to see the game. Before way back in the Philippines, my friend and I watched live concerts and live bands in our area and the ticket seems expensive but my friend get the ticket for us. It’s nice to get the expensive one where you can sit in front of the stage where you can see them clearly. But for me it doesn’t matter as long I can enter and watch my favorite show.

Anyhow, when it comes to ticket, you can find all the tickets you need at They have all the tickets for popular events like the concert tickets, sports tickets, theater tickets and best selling tickets. Here are the 5 places I know where you can get ticket: Target Center, Verizon Center, Staples Center, Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. To find out more where you can find ticket in your area visit!

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