Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hot pink scrubs

What color of scrub you like the most? I have a friend where she like pink a lot so most of her scrubs are color pink and she has purple scrubs too. Here in the United States, I think they don’t have particular color on their scrubs. I saw some of the medical workers wearing different color, I think it depends on what department they are working. If I am not mistaken, the workers can choose any color of scrubs they like? What do you think?

The store that I always go to sell scrubs but I don’t like the color and they don’t have a small size. I’m glad I bumped to this website at, they have all scrubs that I been looking for. Well, I don’t work at the hospital or involve in the medical field but I have few friends who work in this area. I would love to share and recommend this website to them at, they have hot pink scrubs and I am sure they would love it. So if you are looking for a medical uniforms online, you better check the medical uniform sales from!

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