Friday, January 6, 2012


Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

I switched our internet service to clear wireless internet providers. I was having connectivity problems and have recently started working from home, so I needed a really reliable internet connection. I have started freelance writing for bloggers. I have always enjoyed writing, but didn’t realize until a couple of years ago that I had a real talent for it. I was previously an interior decorator. I still do some decorating on the side, but nowadays, I have been writing articles for interior design websites and magazines. I didn’t realize how easy and how much fun writing about my job was. Every week I get different topics. I do research on each and put together an article along with pictures to liven up the posts. I always send all of my articles to my mom to proofread before I send them out. She was an English major and always has some good ideas about how to liven up the columns. So far, they have gotten rave reviews and I have also gotten a lot of business. Blogging gives me a great creative outlet, just like decorating did.

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