Wednesday, May 11, 2011

scrub uniforms

I wasn't able to contact my friend who work as a nurse in California. I think they change their number. I was thinking to contact her and ask where they live in California because this coming August, we will go to San Francisco to renew my passport and attend convention as well. We also get a chance to see nice places in California, so it would be nice if I could met her there. She's been in California for almost 10 years now together with her husband. I am not sure if they took the kids there with them. She has a good stable job as a nurse in one of the big hospital in their city. She also help her family in the Philippines to start a business.

Anyhow, I was wondering if she is also wearing medical scrubs. I bet they are because most people who works in the medical field wearing their scrub uniforms and talking about scrubs, has all the scrubs that you are looking for in different color. They have scrubs available for men and women and also for the kids. So either you are looking for a scrub uniforms, hats, lab coats, shirts, jackets and accessories. Why not visit this site at  Hurry and get your scrubs now at!

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